9235 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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From downtown Pittsburgh:

1. Take I-579 N. (1.3 miles ). I-579 Merge onto I-279 N.( 2.7 miles )

2. Take the MCKNIGHT RD / EVERGREEN RD / US-19-TRUCK N exit (exit 11, 0.2 miles )

3. Take the MCKNIGHT RD / US-19-TRUCK-NORTH ramp. Merge onto MCKNIGHT RD.( 5.7 miles )

4. Turn LEFT onto CUMBERLAND RD.( 0.7 miles )

5. Turn RIGHT onto PERRY HWY / US-19.( 0.1 miles )

End at 9235 Perry Hwy (left side)

Look for the first building on the left after you pass Sunoco gas station. Or when you pass Sunoco, you will see the Fairview garden center on the right side, our garage is across the street of the garden center.


From Oakland, East of Pittsburgh:

1. Take 5TH AVE. 0.8 miles

2. Turn LEFT onto CRAFT AVE. <0.1 miles

3. Turn RIGHT onto FORBES AVE. 0.2 miles

4. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto PA-885 N / BOULEVARD OF THE ALLIES. 1.3 miles

5. Merge onto I-579 N.

6. Follow the Downtown directions.

From North of Pittsburgh (Cranberry area):

1. Take 79 South and exit on Wexford ( exit 72, 9 miles.)

2. Turn left on the light (top of the hill 0.2 miles)

3. Turn right onto Brandt School Road (3 miles )

4. Brandt School Road merge to Ingomar Road ( 1 mile )

5. Turn right onto US-19 S / PERRY HWY (0.5 mile )

End at 9235 Perry Hwy (right side)

Pass the Subaru, Buick car dealership. Look for the garage with the white roof. You will see the Fair View garden center on your left side, our garage is across the street of the garden center.